Introduction of Smartscan TW Ltd.

Smartscan TW Co. Ltd., founded in precision machinery research and development center who supported by the ministry of economic affairs of Taiwan government, www.pmc.org.tw. worked alone with a British technical group, RWL consultant co. established in Taichung Industrial Park in end of 2006.

With successful safety machinery device product and their relative technology, as light curtain product. Smartscan is well known in safety machinery in Taiwan.

By the way of cooperation with European technology group, always keep technology developing and application in newest way, joined venture with Smartscan group that bridged with European Safety technology, with members in safety technical committee in relative IEC and ISO standard. The technology of Smartscan TW keep the safety technology in the world class.

Light curtain product is the main product for Smartscan TW Ltd. There are two main type Light Curtain product in Smartscan TW. Safety product to used for working site with automatic machinery for human protection, and non-safety product, use for automatic sensing or some lower risk place for human protection. And there are couple varied light curtain, measuring light curtain, diffusive light curtain and security application,…. They are used customized product but is now promoted for population also.

All products based on experienced mechanical safety technology and with state of art of technology for electronic and optical sensing. And most of them got approval by the well-known European 3rd notified body.

Well testing before product developing and well-managing in all product processing, quality system of Smartscan Taiwan had been comply with the ISO9000 standard and approved by European group also.

Certification: Exam and Approved by Notified body

All of Safety light curtain product comply with relative international and European standard and directive, were exam by European Notified body, SafeNET, Machinery directive number1674.

All of Safety light curtain product comply with relative regulation of republic of China, got TS mark, With number. TD0401BT.