Smartscan TW Co. Ltd. 

In the early years, it was cultivated by the Precision Machinery Research and Development Center www.pmc.org.tw, a consortium supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan. In 2006, it was established in Taichung Industrial Park, Taiwan, in cooperation with the British RWL Group to develop various mechanical safety devices.
SMARTSCAN has independent capabilities in related technical fields and has independently developed area sensors and safety light curtain; it is committed to applications in the field of mechanical and automation industrial safety. Many of its products have passed the verification of EU third-party certification units, mainly The products are safety light curtains and area sensors. It is the largest safety light curtain manufacturing company in Taiwan; it has a complete set of professional functional departments and technical capabilities, and can provide customers with real-time and customized services. customized products to meet the individual needs of customers.


The safety light curtains of SMARTSCAN mainly have two main types according to the classification of mechanical safety technology.It complies with the international standard IEC61496-1/-2 and has been verified by a European third-party verification agency to pass type2 and type4 levels; products such as 1000+, C4, T2, ST series safety light curtains and other products.


In response to the differences in safety and social costs and safety needs in different countries, regions, and social types, we also design and manufacture various curtain products for customers to choose from to meet various needs.

For example, the M series products are widely used in electronic process equipment, and the N series products are used in industrial automation equipment and traditional process equipment. We also design and develop light curtains for various types of equipment according to different usage requirements.

Through technical cooperation with the British RWL Group, members directly participate in discussions on international standards and technologies, and can quickly grasp the latest technological developments and trends in safety light curtains.

Strict quality control has always been Smyder's basic requirement for safe products. Our company's quality system has passed the verification of the British Standards Institute GLOBAL, and various products have also been verified by many well-known impartial organizations. Strict quality control provides you with excellent quality. Guarantee that in the future, we will also adhere to the consistent principle of quality first to conduct all work in Taiwan.


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